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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mindful Cikgu (Teacher) at Tiratana Sukha Dhamma School (13 & 20 March, 2016)

Conducted by Sis. Low Mi Yen

The workshop is supported by scientific research by Ven. Visuddhi - HERE.

Gnanavisuddhi, R. (2015). A study on a brief mindfulness-based intervention for stress reduction and wellness among school teachers. Counseling Master Thesis, Help University, Malaysia. 


Saturday, March 19, 2016

1/2 day MINDFULGym with IJM Corporation Berhad (23 & 25 February, 2016).

What's the time now? It's NOW...

Mindfulness training at work place reduces stress, anxiety, depression, pain, 
health care cost; increases wellness, happiness, and productivity

Mindful Body Stretching: Squeeze the oranges (don't squeeze durian!)

Mindful Body Stretching: Push the ceiling...

Beginner's Mind

Happiness is Here-and-Now: 'Google-WWW-Yahoo'

2-day MINDFULGym with Omesti Berhad (12 & 13 March, 2016)

MINDFULGym with Omesti Leaders

The most important time is NOW; most important person is the one you're with now, 
& the most important thing to do - pay attention & care for the person you're with NOW

Mindful Body Stretching

Mindful Communication: 'M.I.A.O.W.' 
(Mmmh, I see, Ahhh, Ohhh, Wow)

Savoring the present moment with beginner's mind

2-day MINDFULGym with KNOWLES in Phuket (27 & 28 February, 2016).

Amazing! Never before have I experienced such high level of engagement from all participants in any training class that I've attended! It was a huge class, with a total of 73 of us. Everyone was inspired, motivated, and enjoyed every minute of the 2-day training on Mindfulness with Dr. Phang. I’m so grateful to Dr. Phang and I congratulate him for his success in delivering such a great program. It has made a long-lasting impact on all of us. Personally, the program provided me with formal training on Mindfulness, and reaffirmed my own conviction and belief in Mindfulness practice, which started about 2 years ago. After the training, we continued to share thoughts and practice on Mindfulness among colleagues through a social media platform (WhatsApp) set up just for this course. There's still a long way to go to fully adopt a truly Mindful way of life, both in our personal and work lives. But I’m sure we’re on a right path, as we've been pointed in the right direction. Thank you, Dr. Phang!

KY Choon, Vice President & Managing Director.

To me, the two-day MINDFULGym is a retreat besides learning mindfulness tools. Immediate result was seen; there was less ache at my left shoulder and leg due to being more mindful of my body. Now I'm very clear of where my problem is and have the right treatment for recovery.

The definition of mindfulness is very powerful to me, especially when come to the words of 'kindness' and 'wisdom.' I can feel happiness and compassion immediately. I also expand the practice and experience of mindful walking to driving, sitting, and even while waiting for someone. I can apply mindfulness while doing anything. 

'Mindful S.T.O.P' and the Mindful Body Stretching exercises are very handy to be used at anytime in between my busy schedule, both at work and home.

Last but not least, I see the positive energy in the entire organisation. People have more gratitude and less resentment. I believe that if we pay attention and talk more about good things, good things will more likely to happen. I am very touch by the mindfulness video sharing, and I believe that mindfulness can help to make our world a better place.

Chiang Khai Lin, Senior Director of Global Order Fulfilment.


I am grateful for been given a chance to attend the Mindfulness training. I experienced unprecedented calmness and attentiveness through the practice of 'Mindful-S.T.O.P.' and Mindful Breathing. Mindfulness practice has become part of my life now and I am always energized with so much of "WOW" while perceiving the surroundings with Beginner's Mind. My heartfelt thanks to Knowles and Dr. Phang for this meaningful mindfulness training.

Agnes Ooi, Sr. QA Manager.


MINDFULGym is a simple yet powerful life changing program to be recommended to anyone who is interested to have a better quality of life. The program includes mindful breathing, mindfulness in daily activities (eating, walking, sleeping, communication, multitasking), and paying attention to the beauties around around us with a grateful heart. NOW, we no longer take life for granted. 
Be Mindful, Be Gratitude!

Woo Chee Hun, HR Department, Section Head. 


The MINDFULGym tools are great complement to my meditation knowledge and have strengthened my faith on mindfulness practice. The simple instructions allow me to easily practise mindfulness in my daily life. The practice has made me a more balanced and composed person with better tolerance to stress, and happified me in many ways. Thank you, Dr. Phang.

Lum Wei Loong, WHS Manager.

Thanks to Dr. Phang for his great sharing on how to practise mindfulness through various simple and practical tools, e.g. 'Mindful-S.T.O.P.,' 'Google-WWW-Yahoo,' Mindful Vitamins, 'NOW-ing'' etc. In an ever demanding yet unpredictable and changing environment, taking a 'Mindful-S.T.O.P.' enables better handling of challenges and results achievement. The class was relaxing and full of fun. It was "learningful" with sharing of multiple success stories by individuals and organizations. I am very impressed by the use of biofeedback device (Relaxing Rhythms 2) which could scientifically track the progress of mindfulness practice. I strongly recommend MINDFULGym to you. It is a MUST to attend for better success in life.

Phang Kian Peng, Regional Quality Director.

This is an interesting, useful program and it's simply amazing. The MINDFULGym tools (e.g. Mindful Breathing) help in cultivating awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment (NOW) with beginner's mind. The training gives back some sense of mastery over my thoughts and feelings. Over time, I believe mindfulness could help in increasing happiness and wellbeing. I'm grateful to Knowles for organizing such useful rest-shop. Thank you Dr. Phang for your time with us and being awesome.

Josephine Tan, Executive Secretary.

I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Phang for spending his weekend with us to conduct the MINDFULGym REST-Shop at Phuket Island. Dr. Phang, your training program is the best I have seen in my last 4 years with Knowles Electronics. MINDFULGym is a great program for anyone working under stressful and busy environment. Therefore, I would like to recommend this program to you. Thanks again Dr. Phang, I really enjoyed the MINDFULGym class.

Kok Kheong, Kee (KK Kee), Sr. Global Commodity Manager.