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Sunday, January 31, 2016

MINDFULGym April 2016 Intake

MINDFULGym is NOW back by popular demand...

For registration - HERE. 

Mindfulness Programs (SUN, WAY & GYM) at SunMed

NOW - group and individual mindfulness-based training at Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed). Finally, in Malaysia, we're able to have something similar to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Feel free to contact Dr. Phang ( to customize a program for your personal and organizational needs.

Co-organized by Malaysia Association for Mindfulness Practice & Research (MMPR)
For registration (1-day program) - HERE
Subsequent training dates: 28/6, 24/7, 30/8, 25/9, & 26/10, 

For registration (5-week program) - HERE

Mindfulness Programs at Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) - HERE & NOW

1. What is the content for each program?

Mindful-SUN (Individual Therapy - 4 weeks)
  • Session 1: Mindful Stretching & 'NOW-ing'
  • Session 2: Mindful-S.T.O.P. & 'H.T.C.'
  • Session 3: Body Scan & Relaxation
  • Session 4: Mindful Breathing & Biofeedback

Mindful-WAY (Individual Therapy - 4 weeks)
  • Session 1: Beginner's Mind & Mindful Eating'
  • Session 2: Gratitude Workout ('Google-WWW-Yahoo')
  • Session 3: Mindful Vitamins: Befriending Challenges
  • Session 4: Cultivating Loving-Kindness

Mindful-GYM (Group Training - 1 day)

ABC of Stress & Happiness
Mindful Body Stretching
Mindfulness, Multitasking & ‘NOW-ing’
Mindful-S.T.O.P.: Contacting the Present Moment

Beginner’s Mind & 7 Habits of Mindful Eating
 Mindful Breathing: Deepening the NOW
No Worry-Lah, Be Sleepy: Body Scan & Relaxation
Gratitude Workout: ‘Google-WWW-Yahoo’

The programs consist of various simple and effective mindfulness-based tools for reducing stress and improving wellness in daily life.

Mindful-GYM (Group Training - 5 weeks) - see poster (above)

2. What are the benefits of the programs?
  • Relief from stress-related bodily symptoms, e.g. headache, gastric pain.
  • Reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms.
  • Chronic pain management, e.g. low back and joint pains.
  • Enhanced mood, positive emotions and happiness.
  • Better sleep, memory and concentration.
  • Strengthen emotional resilience and anger management.
  • Improved problem-solving skills and creativity.
  • Better self-compassion and self-confidence.
  • Increased energy and productivity.
Any form of physical illness that is often worsened by stress (e.g. hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, etc) will benefit from the mindfulness programs.

3. I'm suffering from mental illness. Are the programs suitable for me?
Yes. The programs are useful for anxiety and/or depressive disorders. For greater effectiveness, please make an appointment with Dr. Phang to personalize the programs for your needs.

4. How do the programs differ from MBSR/MBCT? 
The programs are tailored for the Malaysian community based on Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues in the United States and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) by Dr. Mark Williams and colleagues in the United Kingdom.

5. Where will the programs be held?
Mindful-SUN & WAY - Dr. Phang's clinic at Sunway Medical Centre (Room 16, 5th Floor, Tower A). Mindful-GYM - Lady Bird Room, 4th Floor, Tower A, Sunway Medical Centre.

If you wish to bring the programs to your organizations, please contact Dr. Phang (

6. When can I start attending the programs?

For Mindful-SUN & WAY (individual therapy), kindly contact Dr. Phang's clinical assistant (Kalai, 03 7491 6505) to schedule an appointment for psychological assessment and personalizing the programs for your needs. After that, for the actual 4 or 8-week sessions, you may choose any combination of day or time in a week (preferably with an interval of about 1 week and not more than 2 weeks between each session).

Mindful-GYM (1 day), the next group training session is on 24/7/2017 (Wednesday, 9am to 5pm). Mindful-GYM (5 weeks) - 27/10, 3/11, 10/11, 17/11, & 24/11 (Fridays, 2pm to 5 pm).

7. What if I can't make it on a scheduled date/time?
You can reschedule your training to the next date/time (only if it's within a month). Cancellation and refund are not allowed.

8. Are the sessions delivered one-to-one?
For Mindful-SUN & WAY, "Yes" (RM 250 per session); it's individual therapy. You may also get another 2 persons (total of 3 including yourself) to attend; small-group session (RM 200 per person for each session, instead of RM 250). As for Mindful-GYM, it's a group training program (not more than 20 participants per group).

9. Do you conduct the sessions in Chinese or Malay language?
The programs are conducted only in English.

10. How much do I need to pay for the programs?
Mindful-SUN - RM 250 for each session (RM 1000 for 4 sessions).

Mindful-WAY - RM 250 for each session (RM 1000 for 4 sessions).

Mindful-GYM (1 day) - RM 350 (inclusive of lunch, 2 tea breaks, & training materials); RM 50 for those who come back for revision.

Mindful-GYM (5 weeks) - RM 1000 (inclusive of tea breaks & training materials)

*You have to pay in advance for each program.

11. Can I attend only selected sessions in Mindful-SUN & WAY programs?
No, you must attend all 4 sessions in each program.

12. Can I attend Mindful-WAY without attending Mindful-SUN?
No, you must complete Mindful-SUN before attending Mindful-WAY.
It's recommended that you spend some time (e.g. 1 month) practicing the tools taught in Mindful-SUN before attending Mindful-WAY.

13. Do I get any gifts from the programs?
Yes - iMINDFUL-Gym DVD, Garden of Mindfulness Audio CD, Jom-Lah FIKIR book, 3-Gratitude Card Game, and WhatsApp supported practice. The number of gifts depends on which program you sign up.

14. Are the programs supported by scientific research?
Yes. The programs are supported by international and local research - HERE. These are the only mindfulness programs in Malaysia that are supported by the Ministry of Health (MySihat) and local research.

15. Is there a corporate version of the programs?
Yes, we can arrange for half-day, full-day, or two-day 'rest-shops' for your employees. You may make an appointment with Dr. Phang ( to customize a program for your organizational needs.

16. I'm too busy to commit to the 4 or 8-week programs? Is there a shorter program?
Yes, you can attend Mindful-GYM which is a 1-day group training program. After that, if needed, you may consider attending the more in-depth individual Mindful-SUN & WAY programs.

17. How do I know if I'm getting better with the programs?
There're questionnaires to measure your progress in stress and wellness levels. Biofeedback device (Wild Divine) is also used to objectively demonstrate your ability to relax.

18. Is there a brochure for the programs?
Yes. You can view the brochure HERE.